I Don’t Have a Title for This

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Some think I write because I’m good at it,

And once upon a time, that was true.

They think I have a way with words,

And that’s all that motivates me to

Spin ideas and falsities onto a blank page —

But now, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

(“Hey, that’s cheating!” Their eyes go wide.

“You can’t rhyme ‘true’ with ‘truth’.”)


I write not because I’m good with words,

Nor because they come easily to me.

It is neither as if I have something monumental to tell,

Nor as if writing sets me free.

No, I write because I love the thrill of the chase,

The way I can float in the whispers of a fever-dream,

The pulse of words underneath my skin,

As I search for a word that rhymes with ‘me’.


But while I never tire of this chase,

It seems it has tired of me.

I open a blank page and stare in despair

When the words refuse entertain me.

What can a writer do

When the writer has nothing to write?

(And look at me rhyming ‘me’ and ‘me’.

I’m a disgrace to poetry.)


This poem is so erratic —

It seems to rhyme, but with no pattern I can discern.

Its theme changes with each stanza,

Dripping with parentheses that just can’t wait for their turn.

Do parentheses even have turns? —

Or did I just say that because I wanted it to rhyme?

I think anyone reading this knows the answer.

Look at me, assuming you’re still reading this.

All the other stanzas have eight lines

But I couldn’t find a word to rhyme with ‘rhyme’.


I started this poem implying I’m good at writing,

That I have a way with words.

The truth is, I seek an outlet,

A blank page for me to cast away my worth,

Writing a poem so awful

That it nearly convinces me I cannot write.

Which is worse, overconfidence or the other?

And now I’m looking for something to rhyme with ‘write’.



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Gia Arora

Gia Arora

An aspiring writer who wants to share her ideas with the world.